We like to think that we are heralding the future of music with our New Music Blag and ushering in the next generation. Therefore we grabbed Future Generations for a quick questioning.

Name: Future Generations

The Maths: Within it’s own algebra equation.

The Q&A:

How did you all begin working together?
Three of us (Eddie, Mike, Eric) all lived in the same dorm building together their freshman year at Fordham University. After a serendipitous jam session in the basement we began writing songs together mostly through the medium of email under the name The Suits. Devon and Dylan would join later and Future Generations was born! Now instead of recording in our dorm rooms, we record in our apartment!

How would you describe your sound?
You know that feeling you get after your last work shift right before vacation? That.

If you could listen to just one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dylan – John Mayer, Continuum
Eddie – John Mayer, Continuum
Mike – not John Mayer, not Continuum
Devon – John Mayer, Continuum
Eric – John Mayer, Continuum

What’s been your proudest achievement to date?
For a lot of us, just playing Bowery Ballroom was a big one last spring. Also, Stars was played on Sunday Night Football last season which was pretty surreal.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2018?
We’re just excited for our first cross-country tour! A lot of these places we’ve never been to and we’re so happy to be able to play in front of some of our fans who have never seen us. Of course we’re always writing music so we’ll be doing that too, but really it’s all about tour for now!

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