We persevered through a painfully slow internet connection this week to bring you what could potentially be next year’s Mercury Prize nominations.

Bloom Twins – Young Souls

An ode to the icons of the Twentieth Century, the Ukrainian duo deliver soothing melodies which rides gently underneath contrasting harmonies (which is also the key to telling the identical twins apart).

Erland Cooper – Simmer Din

For such a small island, Orkney contains many treasures. Although we are taken down a different coastal path to his previous releases, Cooper continues in his love letter to his birthplace as an ever-growing sense of wander is captured within swirling synths which soar above a pounding, electro heartbeat.

Indigo Lo – I Hate The Sun 

A hot and hazy psych-rock offering where roaring riffs kick up the desert dust.

Dario G – Cry 

Despite the title, we find ourselves being uplifted in this electro-house track with it’s underlying ethereal elements.

Spirit Award – Supreme Truth

We find ourselves diving into a different realm where ghostly vocals and pulsating bass surrounds us from all corners. The distortion makes sense when you learn that their upcoming album is heavily inspired by a Japanese Death Cult. We just hope they haven’t indulged in a spot of subliminal messaging…

Ferris and Sylvester – Sometimes

Husky vocals and delicate, stripped back acoustics create a sense of intimacy in this poignant ballad of self-love.

Cherryade – Fractured Fairytales remix feat. Karnage Kills

Cherryade’s debut single receives the Karnage treatment as the grime artist injects a dose of adrenaline which mixes up the genres in a colourful concoction.

Chelsea Boots – Love On Me

With a nod to the decade of shoulder pads and bad perms, we’re kicking back to retro riffs where it’s gently mixed with a touch of RnB. Vocals designed to swim around our heads have a strangely hypnotising effect. I

Peter Bjorn and John – Gut Feeling 

One of three singles released simultaneously ahead of their upcoming album Darker Days, the track contains a multiple layers with new details being picked up even after multiple listen. All of which are encased within an uplifting rhythm and other-worldly vocals.

Iselin – Lost 

It’s easy to become just that as vocals brimming with a nostalgic innocence underpins a simmering, tropical beat.

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