We might be a day late with our weekly pickings of new releases, but at least you now have a soundtrack for your Saturday Brunch.

First Aid Kit – Tender Offerings 

We’re still healing our hearts from the release of Ruins earlier on in the year. However this time the sister act gently guides us through their reflections on life and love through homely country riffs complete with their trademark harmonies sweetening the flavour.

Marsicans – Suburbs 

The latest track from the indie foursome captures the essence of restlessness not only through a lyrical tale of boredom but also through the staggered progression of the track.

Farhan – Rearview Mirror 

An introspective debut from the actor turned singer where urban beats blend seamlessly with elements of jazz.

Just Loud – Diamond + Dope Boys 

The high notes are stratospheric with the genre-breaking artist’s vocals contrasting perfectly against the foundations of a slow jam from the ’90s.

Mike Posner – Song About You 

Posner seems to have calmed down a bit since he took a pill in Ibiza. Here he contemplates the emotions tied in with break-ups against an urban soundscape.

Tom Speight – Want You 

Like a burst of sunshine on to our playlist with all the optimism which one singer-songwriter armed with an acoustic guitar seems to bring.

The Marcus King Band – Where I’m Headed

We’re marching down to the deep south where an uplifting brass section and soulful vocals have been packed for the trip.

Paul Wetz – Surrender 

Psychological soundbites kick off the track before Wetz’ wonder-filled vocals dances around an electro-house beat.

Fish – Man With A Stick 

A complex rhythm within the intro gets our adrenaline pumping before we move in closer to pay attention to vocals which whisper in our ears.

Brooke Law – Don’t Say It’s Love

The summer of love 2018 has drawn to a complicated end for Law as she wants her lover to take it as steady as her RnB beat.

Cyrus Reynolds – Faraker feat. S.Carey

You could light some candles and run a bubble bath but it still wouldn’t be as tranquil as this dreamy offering.

Dan Owen – Stay Awake With Me 

Baritone vocals team up with a velvet-soft piano line to pluck at our heartstrings in a classic love ballad as emotive as a Shakespeare sonnet.

She Makes War – Undone 

Injecting a dose of caffeine into our playlist with exhilarating riffs and a touch of the gothic.

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