As the nights are drawing in that bit earlier, feel free to use our mixtape as a good excuse to have an evening in on Friday Nights.

Hozier – Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)

having shared his latest EP, Nina Takes Power, Hozier takes a stroll through the deep south, clicking his fingers along the way as his deep musings echo alongside the distinctive twang of the Blues.

Lily Moore – I Will Never Be 

With vocals reminiscent of Duffy and melancholic, sharp riffs I Will Never Be is the perfect indulgence for our reflective moments.

Vivii – Siv (live)

We’re floating away down the river on a current of dreamy melodies and hazy harmonies.

NoNoNo – Dancing (Mumbai Wedding) 

An eclectic mash-up of urban landscapes layered above vivid synths.

ag. – All Falls Down 

Low-fi ambience with multi-layered soundscapes.

Starling – You

Stark minimalism coupled with flying vocals has us cruising at an altitude as high as the notes being reached.

Stiir – Free Yourself

Sun drenched riffs and a refreshing ocean spray of breezy vocals.

Sun Silva – Blue Light

Fans of Fifa ’19 would have already heard this hazy debut single which has a slight dosage of the psychedelic.

The Coral – Reaching Out For A Friend

It’s impossible not to have bright, colourful flashbacks to the innocence of the age of flower power due to the cheery optimism of the hooks.

Cherryade – Got You Good

Dipped in tangy, sharp flavours, the catchy chorus of this electro-pop track comes complete with empowering lyrics.

Metric – Now or Never Now

An ode to the bright, pulsing synths of the 1980s, the decade is in full swing with the velveteen, power-vocals.

Electricity – Silk City, Dua Lipa ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson

Four heads are better than one as each artists’ signature is stamped onto this euphoric floor filler, creating the perfect blend of dance and pop.



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