Drag World UK is almost upon us! The UK’s best drag convention takes over The London Olympia on August 18th-19th and while 11,000 attendees will be gagging at the fierce wigs and heels and asking ‘who are you wearing?’, there is one question above all that demands an answer: What about JuJuBee?!

We fire questions in The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 (and AllStars season 1) alumni’s direction for your pleasure. (Aren’t we grand?!)

TRASH: What was your lightbulb moment? What did you experience that made you know that drag was the right path for you?

Jujubee: The lightbulb moment for me was my first glance at myself after I was put in drag by a friend of mine. I was 16 and it was a spontaneous moment where he just wanted to practice his makeup skills. I was floored by the transformation and for the first time in my life, I felt beautiful. I knew drag was the right path for me as soon as I hit the stage for the first time. It was this incredible rush then went through my body and I felt at home. 

Why do you think drag is suddenly being accepted and explored by mainstream culture?

Drag is seemingly accepted and explored by mainstream culture, because now everybody can see the art behind it. Art is love and love is art. Nobody can hate love. It’s just impossible.

Does drag appealing to a larger audience take anything away from its close-nit community?

I don’t think drag appealing to a more vast audience removes anything from our community, because we are a very open and honest one with shared experiences. The appreciation is certainly something that brings us all together in a roundabout way.

In a changing landscape in terms of gender-fluidity, what does the future hold for drag? What’s the next evolutionary step?

That’s a great question. All I can say is that the art of drag will forever live on. A RuPaul explains, it’s merely an extension of our true selves. It allows us to express ourselves in ways our truest forms couldn’t handle alone.

How do you think Drag Kings could be integrated into RuPual’s Drag Race?

It would be an interesting aspect, because it would be difficult to compare Drag Kings and Drag Queens in the same light. Although the art of drag has many similarities as far as translation, having a competition amongst just Drag Kings would help shine a better light on that side of drag.

R Lowe played Mary Sunshine in Chicago on Broadway in drag. If you could play any musical character who would it be? Who would you play in drag? And who would you play out of drag? And why?

I have always wanted to play Angle in Rent. There was just something about that character that I was drawn to. The poise, elegance and perseverance that character shows is heartfelt.

Who is the most supportive queen you know and why? Who is the shadiest and what was it she said?

I know so many supportive queens [it would be difficult] to name them all. All of the queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race have always supported me in what I do and vice versa. I’m probably the shadiest queen I know. Google my memes.  

If you were a Netflix Original Show – what type of show would you be?  

It would be me travelling around the world eating things and staying at nice hotels, because why not?

Why are events like Drag world UK so important for the community?

Because it provides a safe space for weirdos like me. We can be ourselves and laugh as loudly as we’d like to.

Drag World UK is happening in London – what area of London would you most like to explore and why?

Ealing. There’s a cat named Bert and he’s the sweetest cat ever. I don’t need to see anything else. Bert has my heart! 

JuJubee is appearing at Drag World in London 18-19th August – grab your tickets!

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