It’s been an exciting week for new music releases from artists we’ve loved for years, as well as artists who have just arrived on the scene.

Robyn – Missing U

Robyn is back with us, pulling us into her 8-bit, retro world with spinning synths. You’re guaranteed to find us on the dancefloor whenever this track pulses through the speakers.

Young Romance – Alice

The South London based duo have teased us with their first track from their upcoming album Don’t Look.  The  Moody riffs coupled up with the melancholic vocals tug at our emotions.

Muncie Girls – Locked Up

A post-punk track bred from the boredom of everyday life, complete with a catchy, shout-a-long chorus.

Manic Street Preachers – People Give In

The Welsh legends keep true to their ethos of alienation and despair within their latest single. No single from the Manics would be complete without a punching, anthemic chorus and JDB’s powerhouse lungs.

William Crighton – Happiness

If Johnny Cash had a deeper baritone and was tripping on acid.

Grace Ackerman – Faith

If the passionate vocals don’t soften your heart, the hard-hitting lyrics will do the job in this dark, electro-pop release.

Interpol – Number 10

Interpol make sure that we know that they are back on the scene while we want to gaze at our shoes, yet we are pumped full of adrenaline by those driving riffs.

Kris Angelis – Stained Glass

Delightful, floating acoustics have us drifting along the clouds with Angelis’ dreamy vocals.

The Struts – Body Talks

Punk playfulness builds up to a fast and furious chorus as we find out why they are favourites of Dave Grohl.

Ella Mai – Trip

Slow, soulful vocals guide us through Mai’s vulnerabilities, taking us to the heyday of the R&B slow jam.

Red Faces – Way Down

Uplifting riffs from the Sheffield based group, despite the theme of being stuck in a bad place in your life.

Neneh Cherry

Cherry defies genre boundaries with a voice full of mystery in her latest, other-worldly offering.

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