Glosse are a band which prefer their music to do the talking for them, to the extent that their social media pages have no sign of the rockers. Instead, you will find images taken from 1950s Hollywood blockbusters. We found the identity of one of the members of Glosse and questioned him on their debut single We Got Heat, sex and trying to navigate the music industry while remaining anonymous.

Hi Glosse, so who are you guys and how did you meet?

There are a few of us and we all met through previous projects. I was working with another act and we all met through them. It happened pretty organically, we found a sound we all liked and then Glosse was born.

Glosse is a German word meaning ‘to write between the lines.’ Does that apply to your music?

Language in itself is a just an interpretation of what you think you’re trying to say. Within that, there is most probably a lot of miscommunication and you don’t communicate what you’re actually trying to say. We’re just trying to capture and express the truth in a kind of journalistic way, which is why we’ve chosen to stay anonymous.

Your Instagram is laid out with images of movies from the 1950s, are you all remaining anonymous on social media?

I think personally all of us are completely¬† addicted to Instagram, even in the studio we’ll just be just staring at our phones – it’s terrible! At the same time it is a fantastic platform and we have our own Instagram accounts, there’s no need for anybody to see those. We’re not really doing this to get followers or whatever it is people do on Twitter. I have no idea, I’m really bad at it.

Your debut single We Got Heat is all about sex and unapologetic lust. Do people still have a stiff upper lip about that sort of thing?

Depends who you ask! The great thing about London is that it is a diverse community, so there are people who are quite stiff upper lip and it’s fantastic to shove it in their faces. There are also people who embrace it. The single gives you a sense of the relationship between love and lust.

Do you think it will be a bit tricky remaining anonymous if you’re planning on doing any live shows?

We would love to play live but I think we’re very far from that. For now it’s just getting music out there and knowing we are able to express something we wanted to say. I don’t think we’ll do a Gorillaz thing…

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