London Olympia played host to Drag World UK this past weekend and while the internationally known queens such as Alaska, Jinxx Monsoon and Phi Phi O’ Hara dominated the stages and booths, the convention floor was owned by all the punters in their self made drag. We picked out the best of the best of day one and chatted to them about what they think of this old thang called drag.

Lola @lolaqweenx

TRASH: What are you most looking foward to seeing?

Lola: The mirror!


TRASH: Why do you think there are so many woman here?

Perrie: Drag allows you the freedom in your femininity. This is not what women look like everyday. You get to have fun and freedom.

Florida Thundercloud 500 @theonlyflorida500

TRASH: What do you love most about drag?

Florida: Drag is for everyone. It celebrates feminity. Alaska is a big influence. She’s always saying, “I love your pussy, I love your vagina”. Drag celebrates femininity.

Lori @greyhoundvintage and Jamie @jamieklovatt

TRASH: What attracts you to drag?

Lori: Sasha Velour. I like her thoughts and ideas about gender. I’m a cis female but I’m an extravert and it’s a good excuse to push feminity to the limits.

Jamie: Drag is the new rock and Roll. They’re the new Iggy and Bowie and everything in between. Pushing boundaries in mainstream culture. I’m a rock and roll guy. Drag has brought back rock and roll. The music might not be rock and roll but the attitude and the style is.


TRASH: What got you into drag?

Aleczandra’s Mum: Aleczandra dressed up since they were two years old. Lots of dresses and shoes. Drag allows Aleczandra to be their authentic self.

Coco @it_saboy + HarleyB @theeyesofbeex

TRASH: Why do you do drag?

HarleyB: Coz I can do, so I do!

CoCo: Wes (real name) is on the gender spectrum around the middle, sort of non binary, but Coco allows me to be full-fem. When I discovered [my inner] CoCo I thought I was trans-gender. I was in the Caribbean sat on a beach contemplating my trans side, I thought fuck it! I’ve always stood out in the middle so I’ll explore the female side and see what happens. DragWorldUK feels like being with my family, with my friends.

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