The UK managed to set itself on fire and has become has hot as the Australian Outback*. We’ve paid tribute to this with a couple of new artists hailing from the Land Down Under thrown into this week’s mixtape.

*We might be exaggerating here.


Sam and The Womp – Ice Cream Man

A light-hearted reggae offering with the bouncing rhythm conveying ‘peace, love and Ice Cream’

Zoofan – West Coast

A synth-led summer scorcher with a hint of the psychedelic, West Coast is the 3rd single from the duo who have just arrived on the scene.

Jon Spencer – Do The Trash Can 

We’re still not sure how you do the trash can, but this garage punk track will have you on an aural acid trip with it’s infectious energy.

Eves Karydas – Couch 

Formerly known as Eves The Behaviour, this Australian pop starlet establishes her reinvention in a bass-heavy pop anthem which is designed to have you on the dancefloor rather than the couch.

RINNGS – Glorious 

Pulsing synths will please the ears of Alt-J fans while velveteen vocals smooth the way.

Mei Mei – Viben 

Low-fi, stripped back and chilled. We’re vibing too.

Passenger – Heart To Love

An ode to country love ballads from the Ivor Novello winning singer-songwriter  which plucks at our heart-strings.

Verasect – Stitch 

An atmospheric, pulsing track from the proclaimed producer with a crackling, electrical energy.

Ward Thomas – Lie Like Me

The Duo express their social media related woes via perfectly pitched harmonies and not-so-subtle lyrics.

Wolf Girl – Toast For Dinner

A song title which even the best of us can relate to at times is accompanied by playful, pop-punk melodies and a punching attitude.

Rosborough – Fall To Earth 

Soaring vocals couple perfectly with cinematic instrumentation, yet the charm is hidden in the fact that Rosborough doesn’t take himself too seriously.

E^ST – I Don’t Lack Imagination 

Another Aussie on-the-rise pop starlet provides us with the perfect ode to bad first dates. Playful synths alongside strong beats provide the outlet for her unapologetic outlook on life.

Youth Club – Our Love

The Essex based pop-indie lads have made returned to the scene true to their original form. Danceable rhythms laid underneath colourful synths provide the foundation for their comeback single.

Hannah Peel – Particle G1

Hannah Peel launched us into space before with Moog synths and colliery brass bands as our transport with her Mary Casio alter-ego. This time, Erland Cooper is along for the ride too in the remixed offering lifted from Peel’s latest album Particles In Space.




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