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It’s that time of the week again as we set sail across the glistening oceans and choppy waters of the new music releases. Let us take you by the hand through some choice specimens amongst the seaweed.

Catch of the day:

Christine and the Queens – Doesn’t Matter

Straight off the back of the glorious ‘Girlfriend’ comes this little belter. It’s a slick piece of pop which is also available in her native French tongue

Also currently frying:

Boy Pablo – Sick Feeling

Nineteen year-old Pablo delivers a dreamy  slice of pop fit for a summers day in the park. Excited for his EP coming soon.

Tom Grennan – Aboard

A soulful song, packed with emotion and iced with brass from the London singer songwriter

Satellite Stories – Carried Away

Immerse yourself in this bop revelling in getting lost in reality, and loving it. Infectiously catchy.

Gabrielle – Shine

Pop legend Gabrielle returns with a slick and stylish slice of Swedish produced pop ahead of her new studio album (her first in 11 years) ‘Under My Skin’.

Ward Thomas – Lie Like Me

Top pop- country infused with Carly Rae Jepsen from this Hampshire born duo.

Mayka – Watching You

Still in Sweden, singer/producer Mayka delivers this fresh and bouncy track which minimalist production and an infectious bass.

Poppy – Metal

Poppy packs a punch with a wonderful piece of electro pop with whisps of 80’s synth hanging in the background like a be-tassled pair of curtains

Lucianblomkamp – Doing This For You

Melbourne’s Lucianblomkamp delivers a rich and complex track exploring electronic and guitar soundscapes to great effect. Immerse yourself.

Sharks – Life After Love

NOT a respectful Cher homage, but something much more colourful, with a faint whiff of panpipes.

Henri – Last Dance

It’s big, its epic, it’s melancholic, London DJ/remixer Henri delivers an immersive and haunting track.

Cotton Candy – Fanfickk

A sickly sweet wallop of power synth pop from the New Zealand act.

Charles Fauna – Wait to Come Over

The second track from his forthcoming August EP is a tranquil indie/dance pop treat.

Blonde (feat. Bryn Christopher) – Me, Myself & I

True to form Blonde release another helping of 90’s influenced dance, but in the summer sun who can resist those glorious piano riffs.

Clypso – Pop Roll Flow

Head back to the beats of the 80’s with fun future disco anthem.

Throw it Back:

Max George – California

The solo career no one ‘Wanted’ – with a dance track which would have been considered tired two years ago.

Further Listening:

Years & Years – Up in Flames

The Years boys finally release their long…long awaited sophomore album this week and anyone who was braced for a drop in top pop bangers can rest easy…it’s swimming with them. This track is a great example of a progression in sound while still remaining true to their hardcore pop loving roots.



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