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Best for: A festival representation of the most supplement-heavy Sunday edition of a culturally thriving newspaper.

Location: Gunnersbury Park, London

When: 15th July

Age: 4. Ben Howard headlined year 1, with Sigur Ros mesmerising Victoria Park the following year, and Foals giving a rarities-heavy set in 2017.

Exclusives: It’s rammed with them. Tame Impala’s headline set is a UK festival exclusive, while Chvrches, Fat White Family and Le Femme are all London exclusives.

The music: Bringing with them the best in psychedelia, alt-electronics and danceable rock bangers from the other side of the world, Tame Impala’s headline set will no doubt go down as one of the highlights of festival season 2018. Ideally, Let It Happen will be extended, because 8 minutes of that song really isn’t enough. Elsewhere, Chvrches will showcase recent third album, Love Is Dead (while also, hopefully keeping previous album classics Clearest Blue and Gun in there too), and The Horrors will display their journey from goth garage rockers to indie dance-anthem creators in some sort of shuffle format. Expect stunning soundscapes from HONNE, soul from Leon Bridges and anarchic antics from Shame too.

The food: Those in favour of an alcoholic beverage of a Sunday afternoon are in for a few treats, with Corona, Koppaberg, Smirnoff and Sharps Brewery all pulling their weight with drinks, stages and installations, while anyone after an alternative to their weekly roast need no luck no further than the Yorkshire Burrito stall.

The rest: The saying might go that it’s “up here for thinking and down there for dancing”, but Citadel really is a festival for both. Aside from huge names blasting out the footstompers, the festival provides talks, demonstrations, classes and activities on the culturally relevant, with Brian Blessed, #areyourepresented and The Science Museum just a microscopic look at the amount of brain food available. Of all the London day festivals, Citadel truly has more in common with Glastonbury than any other.

Tickets: Get them here and get them quickly!

Get in the mood with this playlist curated exclusively for you by TRASH:

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