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Who? Cub Sport

A bit about: Cub Sport (formerly Cub Scouts) were initially the backing band for frontman Tim Nelson (as Tim Nelson & The Cub Scouts), before they transformed from a leader and his gang to a team. And what a team! Since their first EP back in 2010, they’ve honed their craft; merging bouncing bassy beats with jittering guitar, and all sprinkled with synthesized effects. It’s no new recipe, but it’s a winning formula for arena-friendly tracks that allow a band to experiment with tempos and styles, while retaining their core sound. Debut full-length collection This Is Our Vice featured band-made pop/rock in the same vein as The 1975‘s more upbeat moments, with the more subtle moment, Come On Mess Me Up, the highlight – it’s falsetto-led chorus packing emotional punches left, right and centre. Last year’s BATS documented Nelson coming out, accepting himself and starting a relationship with band member Sam “Bolan” Netterfield. A relationsip? In a band? Have you guys never heard of Fleetwood Mac or ABBA?! (Jokes, they’ll make it last.)

What to say: “Heartwarming stories backed by ice-cool synths”

The maths: The 1975 x Hurts

The releases: A self-titled EP as Tim Nelson & The Cub Scouts, 2 EPS (Told You So and Paradise) as Cub Scouts and two albums as the Cub Sport we now know and love (This Is Our Vice and BATS), with hopefully many more to come.

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

See them yourself: CS play the first of two nights at The Waiting Room TONIGHT… But tickets are sold out! Maybe head to Twickets to see if there’s anything there…

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