Who? April Towers

A bit about: Nottingham boys April Towers got together in 2013 and have been steadily building a devoted following. Their 2015 earworm A Little Bit of Fear has racked up just shy of 2 million streams on Spotify. Last years Takes One To Know One brought some guitar action into the mix to great reception. Their 2016 EP release Silent Fever is 30 minutes of quality synthesised pop – the title track is an effervescent anthem, while Losing Youth brings all the feels. Further back 2015 single Arcadia begins rather melancholic swiftly followed by a hefty hook laden chorus – glorious.

What to say: “FFO quality electronic pop”

The maths: (Depeche Mode x LCD Soundsystem) + (Pet Shop Boys / New Order)

The releases: As well as the aforementioned back catalogue, April Towers are back with a new single, Tel Aviv, which began life back in the early days of the boys’ time together. It arrives to us in 2018 fully formed and is possibly their most well polished track yet. It’s an immediate pleasure, but layered enough to return to, and a chorus which soars. As a fan of a well landed outro the last thirty seconds bring you back down to earth with a layer of silk.

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

See them yourself: The band are heading out on the road next month, find the dates on their site here. We can’t wait to see them at Oslo, London. Make sure you’re following TRASH to read the review first.

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