What do you do once you’ve had the hangover to end all hangovers and your friends are all in relationships and having offspring, or at least seemingly curating their own indoor zoo? Watch Netflix? Yes, but after spending a week inside completing Black Mirror and Stranger Things it is recommended you get out and find some new adventures. This feature is just a way to try and help out those who are stuck for new ideas and are hoping there are still new things out there other than drinking and dating apps.

This part is all about running from zombies. When you die and live in a dystopian future you may sadly come back as a brain-thirsty zombie that has to roam the Earth hunting for tasty human flesh, or spend your days in total fear having to wear armour made out of trash cans. But until then you can go to many fun-packed sites around the UK where you can practise running away from zombies or chasing flesh, like at Zombie Escape.

Bournemouth Zombie Escape allows runners who have grown tired of day-to-day dull gym treadmills and avoiding shuffling pedestrians a new experience: 2 – 10k obstacle courses where you are a survivor of the local zombie apocalypse and, aided by ZERO TEAM (Zombie Elimination Roaming Operatives), have to try and reach a Safe Zone whilst avoiding a legion of zombies.

Each survivor is given 3 flags and they must try to navigate the course with all 3 flags intact or they are out of the race (there are first aid kits on route that will restore lives). There aren’t any weapons; each runner just has their wits, speedand dexterity to get the hell out of their way. The idea is to survive and the races aren’t timed – you go as fast as you want and choose the distance you feel that you can manage.

If running isn’t your game and dressing as the undead is more your thing then they allow people to volunteer and live out the fantasy of taking down some of those pesky Sunday morning joggers who map their run on social media and post humble brags about how many steps the tracked on their Fit Bit, or not.

If this is all a bit too much there is a great app that you can download which lets you know when a zombie is behind you and lets you know what you have to do to achieve your mission.

Keep on running guys.

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