SHOOT FIRST TALK LATER: THE PHOTOSHOOT PODCAST is the brain child of our bloody lovely creative director and photographer, Robert Gershinson. First he shoots his guest’s portraits and then he talks to them. Got it? Does exactly what it says on the tin, right?

Gay Mormons Angel and Aaron chat to Robert about the Book of Mormon – not that one, the real one!

Angel talks about growing up in Spain and suppressing his sexuality when he saw others getting bullied. He eventually converted to Mormonism aged 18 as a way of trying to pray-the-gay-away. But when he found that wasn’t working, he got a message from God…

Aaron talks about being born into the Mormon church and only discovering his sexuality once he went to high school. He goes on to chat about his decision to stay in The Church, balancing both his love for Jesus and his sexuality, and what news almost made him quit…

They both go on to chat about Affirmation, an LGBT+ Mormon support group and their personal opinions on various LGBT+ policy-changes made by the Mormon elders.

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