Do you remember that amazing moment at school when your worst enemy invited everyone to their birthday party thinking they were so cool, and then nobody turned up?

Well, that must be how Jeremy Corbyn felt after Norforlk MP George Freeman arranged The Big Tent Ideas Festival (following Corbyn’s massive Glastonbury appearance) back in ’17… and 200 people turned up. Awkward — especially when Freeman himself called it a “cross between Hay-on-Wye and the Latitude festival”.

Now, the political leader who’s been photoshopped more times than the cover of VOGUE magazine has put his name to a festival for the many, not the few (see what we did there?), and it’s called Labour Live.

Featuring acts like Rae Morris, The Voice’s Jermain Jackman, Reverend and The Makers & The Magic Numbers (who famously walked off Top of the Pops after beef with Richard Bacon‘s intro – careful how you introduce that one, Jezza), the festival is set to be a day of music, political speeches from Corbyn and friends, and all-round fun for the whole family — although we’re a little disappointed that The White Stripes aren’t available to play Corbyn in with that famous bass line from Seven Nation Army.

Corbyn makes his name as the champion of the underdog – the type who can’t even get a seat on a train, earn a decent living wage or have access to a free school meal – so the choice of smaller-fry line up makes sense by some measures, but it feels like a missed opportunity given the number of bands, artists and even rappers that publicly aligned themselves with Labour and Corbyn at the last election – it would have been nice to see our hard earned £35 go towards acts who are more current and impactful.

The choice of venue for this left-leaning knees up is White Hart Lane Recreation Ground, only a stone’s throw from Ally Pally and a stroll from Wood Green station. It wouldn’t be a Labour event without a little dig about the London Living Wage, and so tickets are priced accordingly – there’s a discount of £5 on that 35 for people earning less than £20K/year.

It’s interesting to see how the Labour Party is reaching out to young voters more and more, evolving their reach from appearing at major festivals to creating their own; whether this shift from riding the waves to creating them turns out to be as popular as the wave machine at a swimming pool, or as lame as the hairdryers in its changing rooms remains to be seen — although with Corbyn’s success in drawing crowds these days, we’re betting there’ll be more than 200 people in attendance.

Given certain mainstream media’s tendency to under report Corbyn’s events (*cough*, Daily Mail), the best way to find out is to go see yourself — tickets here.

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