Here at TRASH, we love lots of things: music, back rubs, our mums, podcasts, cool photography.

We get super happy when things get squished together (with the exception of ‘back rubs’ and ‘our mums’).

SHOOT FIRST TALK LATER: THE PHOTOSHOOT PODCAST is the brain child of our bloody lovely creative director and photographer, Robert Gershinson. First he shoots his guest’s portraits and then he talks to them. Got it? Does exactly what it says on the tin, right?

Previous seasons have featured comedians David Morgan, Lou Sanders and Scott Capurro; actor and politician Lord Michael Cashman; boxing promotor and trans activist Kellie Maloney; and Holocaust survivor Gena Turgel.

Season 3 kicks off today with an awesome episode featuring Tag & Rick from UK rock band The Treatment. They chat to Robert about about joining The Treatment, their first gigs, touring with KISS and Motley Crüe, receiving advice and gifts from Alice Cooper, the state of the music industry, losing and replacing members and what it takes to keep the spirit of rock and roll alive.

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