Who? It’s a decade since Alphabeat gave the charts a long-overdue shot of positivity, bringing back upbeat melodies and male/female singalong anthems backed by an actual band. Needless to say, the band were Danish – nobody does this better than the Scandinavians. Now, four years after the six-piece took a break, co-lead vocalist Stine Bramsen is back with L.A.C.K., the first single from her upcoming second solo collection. As with her debut, Fiftyseven, Stine’s own music is a more mature affair, but L.A.C.K. also shows more noir and electronica than the colourful doo-wop evident in the band’s work.

What to say: “Poppier than an unapproachable R’n’B number that’s a bit too cool, warmer than a pop-standard that’s too songwriting-by-numbers; this is quality musicianship that’s fresh yet reminiscent of a few years ago.” or, as Stine herself would put it: “L.A.C.K. is about how difficult it can be to find the right balance of being in this mad world with an aching heart while allowing yourself to be happy and present, right where you are.”

The maths: (Ariana Grande x Jamie XX) + (MØ / 00’s Celine Dion)

The releases: Fiftyseven came out in 2015,

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

See for yourself: No UK dates announced yet, but we’re assured some will be announced.

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