As well as welcoming huge names to Lulworth Estate next week, Bestival will – as they always have – be championing new music, bringing their Invaders Of The Future stage across the water with them. As you should know by know, we’re pretty keen to promote upcoming acts ourselves with the New Music Blag, so for the next four days we’ll be letting you know who to drag your mates along to – and who to say they sound like. The New Music Blag and Bestival: Spoonfeeding you since 2017.

Mary Epworth

A bit about: On her upcoming second album, Elytral, Mary Epworth takes electronic atmospheres and gives them emotion. Sky-scraping synths and droning bass seem to be the flavour of the sophomore, while her debut was a little more organic. Me Swimming treads gently; a steady bass accompanied by sparse effects and the stops and starts of Epworth’s sweet vocal, while Surprise Yourself is surprisingly industrial when compared to acoustic earlier numbers (like Sweet Boy), or the more dramatic Long Gone.

The Maths: (Martha Wainwright / Florence + The Machine) + Goldfrapp

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Alice Jemima

A bit about: Alice Jemima has that sort of voice that you don’t expect to come out of anyone. It’s too pitch-perfect, too equally whispy and sweet yet powerful enough to compete with the minimalist tracks she delivers – it’s almost like London Grammar with a little bubblegum. And that’s no bad thing. Liquorice (from her debut EP) is all playful whispers, womp-bomp percussion and candy references, while later tracks glide a little more, with cool ambient tracks intercepted with drum beats. Oh, and she’s covered No Diggity.

The maths: (The XX + Chvrches) / Alexandra Saviour

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A bit about: Ambient acoustics trickle through sets by Chelou. The elusive artist offers homemade yet fully formed pieces – often gentle, always electric, his vocal often echoed, the end result always more than intriguing. Expect his set to be the sort of moment that leaves you stood still in your tracks, staring at a stage and not feeling awkward about it.

The maths: Bon Iver + Bonobo (Bonover?)

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A bit about: Laucan (Laurence Galpin to his mates) will bring the soundtrack like moments to the Invaders Of The Future Stage, with recent single Symptom sounding in part like the opener to a mysterious new Netflix series. It’s album, FramesPerSecond, is as mesmerising throughout – not always as dramatic, but finding the perfect balance between theatrics and easy listening (in the best possible sense).

The maths: Sigur Ros / Jeff Buckley

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Holiday Oscar

A bit about: You could, just about, for the first few seconds of Nicholas, be forgiven for assuming this was another acoustic songwriter, singing about someone dearly departed. But when those layered vocals come in you’re hooked and drawn into a story (about a music teacher) you had no idea you needed to hear. Holiday Oscar offers honest, sometimes humours storytelling – with the folly of folk without being too fancy. You’ll smirk, you’ll sway, you’ll sing along, you’ll forget the world’s fucked for just a few minutes.

The maths: Donovan X Kate Nash + Ed Sheeran

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Ben Ottewell

A bit about: Gomez member Ben Ottewell might just be the most experienced player of the Invaders Of the Future stage, but it’s all still his for the taking. His Mecury Award winning band have reached the highs of the top 10, while his upcoming album will be the third aimed at a more simplistic, folk favouring audience – with the sprinkling of “experimental alternative indie rock” heard throughout Gomez’s back catalogue.

The maths: Tom Petty + Guy Garvey + James Morrison

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A bit about: Embracing today’s genre-less mindset and running with it, Brighton four-piece Yonaka‘s songs can often switch styles just as you think you’re getting comfortable. Ignorance is all steady hip-hop-esque verses, before an anthemic chorus eventually heads for a screamo middle-8. Recent single Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya (love a track named after a saying) is angsty in the verses before vocalist Theresa unleashes a powerhouse of a vocal for the chorus – you’ll be screaming ‘I wouldn’t wanna be ya’ without even realising it.

The maths: MØ + Feeder / Evanescence

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