A bit about: Four years after their debut, Songs For Crow, Red Kite return sounding a little more math, or perhaps a little more art. Yeah, it sounds weird when you put it like that, but art-rock and math-rock are genuine genres, and when compared to the strong, indie-rock of their debut (a little more early Editors, perhaps), take care of your own switches from stroll to sprint with echoed harmonies, steady beats and guitars in various guises, all sprinkled with string samples and moments of drama for something experimental yet strangely familiar.

What to say: “Take care of your own and support genuine, homegrown talent. If this is what these are doing without being ‘major’, imagine what they could do if they were.”

The maths: (Doves/Editors) x (Arcade Fire + Pulp)

The releases: Songs For Crow is available in the expected mediums; download, stream, CD… But this was pre the unprecedented cassette revival, so p’raps the as yet unannounced follow up will be available from those tiny plastic doors, with inlays and song lyrics that roll out like red carpets.

The socials: Facebook Twitter

See them live: So far just one London date, which is free… But is also sold out. You can join the waiting list on DICE, though. A tour is expected to follow soon.

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