Who? This Danish spring lamb rose to prominence after posting a live video on his Facebook page that has now attracted over 90,000 views. Nowadays it’s only cat videos and Kay Cooking that can draw such popular attention. Multi-talented Max also writes and produces his own music. I can barely write and produce a shopping list.

What to say: “If his music were around 10 years ago, you’d have heard it in the slow motion scenes in E4’s Skins. It’s a musical game of football in the no mans land between standard male pop and club banger.”

The maths: Grown up Shawn Mendes + Synthesised Sam Smith.

The releases: Just 3 songs so far; Higher, Heard, and the most recent single Feelings. But at the end of the day it’s quality not quantity. If only Cliff Richard had received that memo.

The socials: Facebook Instagram

See for yourself: Nothing in the calendar yet, but watch this space.

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