A bit about: Forget what you’ve heard about the next “up and coming” area of London – it’s all about the North West. Firstly, because it’s where TRASH was born. Secondly, it’s where Franc Moody (a band, and not just a man who’s spelt his first name wrong) landed. I say landed rather than born, as the duo’s flare for robotics, electronics and meteoric musique is proof enough that – like Daft Punk before them – it’s possible they’re from another planet. Disco’s in the water at the minute, and everyone’s got some in their system, but Franc Moody are focussing on the funk, producing something with more of a bass line groove… Having said that, a Nile Rodgers collaboration would be something else (they’ve already remixed for future funk sailor Jamiroquai.)

What to say: “Quit waiting for the French’s comeback – the space-disco race is for the young, and Franc Moody are on their way to taking pole position.”

The maths: Daft Punk + (George Clinton / Jamiroquai)

The releases: The pair released their debut EP, EP (see what they did there), last year, featuring four instrumentals. The recently released Super Star Struck has just been released, and is their fourth track of the year so far – all featuring vocals. Huzzah – something to sing along to!

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

See them live: If you’re out and about in Lincolnshire (and why wouldn’t you be?) you can catch them at Lost Village Festival later this month. If not, they’re playing in the capital (The Pickle Factory) on 5th October. Tickets available through DICE, here.

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