Who? It’s with a little help from his friends that 21-year-old, musically self-taught Callum Pickard from Coventry created the band Callum Pickard and the Third Look. After the release of their first single, Lonely Boy and Girl, which is an introduction to their folky acoustic universe, along with a bit of Sea Fret vibes, the band comes back with another indie folk number, June. With this single, for which they have the help of Bon Iver’s former band member CJ Camerieri (on French horns and trumpets), Callum Pickard & The Third Look brings a new wave of fresh air to the indie scene. The band may be new to the industry, but their talented and powerful new releases show a great harmony in the band, and an immense maturity.

What to say: June is the perfect song to end the day with; listen to it in a park, on a roof terrace or in your garden, sipping on a glass of wine and observing the sun setting on your city.

The maths: 20% Sea Wolf + 30% Bon Iver + 20% Radical Face + 20% Sea Fret + 10% acoustic and relaxing rhythms = some maths that make you want to close your eyes and feel the fictional wind dancing in your hair.

The releases: June, the second single form the band, was released, ironically not in June, but at the beginning of July.

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

See them yourself: The band will perform a gig at The Actress and Bishop in Birmingham, on August 25th. You can find the event on their Facebook page.

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