Who? Since releasing early work in 2012, this Welsh musical jack of all trades has gone from strength to strength. Raised in Llanidloes (If you’re English, and can say that, I’ll personally transfer you a tenner) he has a cool Welsh soul that you can almost hear the leeks and daffodils in. His experimental sound engineering is what sets him aside from other singer/songwriters that roam the globe these days; he has even created sounds for his music by hitting a suspended bathtub with a hammer.  His charms have been noted and embraced with open arms on the continent after he completed a tour of Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 2015. Fabelhaft! Novo Amor itself means “New Love” and he is definitely one of mine. Plus, he has an expressed interest in movie scoring, and actually wrote From Gold for that exact reason. That is the cherry on top of this welshcake.

What to say: “You can almost picture any scene from any book or film being dubbed to his music. He makes you want to tap your feet to the beat and contemplate life at the same time. Da iawn!”

The maths: Bon Iver’s Holocene + 50% Sigur Ros + Welsh valley air

The releases: Two EPs Woodgate, NY and Bathing Beach and a host of great singles, my favourites being Holland and Welcome To The Jungle.

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

See for yourself: There are a few dates across Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium in September. If you head to his website here you can add yourself to a mailing list to get updated when he plays a show near you.

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