Who? Do you ever wish you could go back to the time when The Libertines or Arctic Monkeys were up and coming bands playing in small venues? A time when you could share a pint with them and learn a bit more about them? Well that time is back thanks to a new generation of British rockers, including this London-based four piece alternative band, whose garage rock and punk influences can be heard in the first notes of their new single, Goes Around Comes Around. Having supported Rat Boy, High Tyde and Declan McKenna over the past few months, Indigo Husk seem to be a new member of this late-2010s class of rock and alternative bands; the bands doing it the old-school way (with live show and festivals), and with the help of generation-Y’s best friend – social media. Amazingly enough, the band, who sound like a new and refreshed version of Babyshambles, just performed at the same festival as Mr. Babyshambles himself: Pete Doherty. Let’s hope they enjoyed each other’s talents.

What to say: If you need a song to give you energy in the morning, Goes Around Comes Around is the one. Get your headphones locked on your ears, and make some room to dance.

The maths: 50% Babyshambles + 20% Arctic Monkeys (early 2000 version) + 25% energy + 5% eating the mic.

The releases: Goes Around Comes Around was released in mid-June, and has already ben featured on Huw Stephens show on BBC Radio 1.

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

Hear them yourself: It looks like the three Joes and Flynn from Indigo Husk are yet to announce their next show, but I know that I will be following their social media closely to know more about it.

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