Who? After releasing her first single, Loving Game, from her EP, I Am Here, London-based artist Alice Mary released her second song, Falling In Love, earlier this month. The cosy and warming sadness given by the first single, which rekindles a distant memory of Dido’s sound, has been replaced by a strangely relaxing, minimal and mysterious atmosphere. As a fan of Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Bat For Lashes, Alice Mary has hinted at these influences in her mature musicianship and songwriting.

What to say? Close your eyes, and imagine an independent romance movie filmed in the Canadian mountains. Do you see that forest, this lake, this van, and this group of friends on the side, with a close up on that shy and mysterious boy observing his lover discreetly? Well the music you hear from it could well be Falling in Love.

The maths: 20% Patti Smith + 20% Dido mixed with 50% of mystery and 10% relaxation.

The releases: Falling In Love was released in the beginning of June on different social media, hand in hand with the minimalistic music video for the song.

The socials: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Hear for yourself: Stay tuned to her social media for the info of her next performance.

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