Titanic Live – Royal Albert Hall, London – 11.03.17

When it comes to James Cameron’s 1997 epic, it’s very easy to cast criticism. Why didn’t she let him on the door? Why didn’t the old lady sell the sodding diamond and live it up in the Bahamas? Why is Cal such a prick? All very, very good questions. As much as we all hate it, we love it. Titanic is one of those films that when someone says they haven’t seen it, you can’t help but scowl at them like Donald Trump would scowl at a fajita.

To see it at The Royal Albert Hall with a live orchestra was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I pictured it to be as if I were watching the film from within a first class suite on the doomed liner itself. I never turn down an opportunity to go to the RAH. Ever. If anything, for the swively chairs.

With a pint of Speckled Hen in one hand, and truth be told, another in the other (It’s a bloody long film, even with an interval) I took my seat on the aisle; a prime swivel location. The moment the music started, I was hooked. I always thought of the Titanic score as “Celine Dion feat. guests”, but I now realise how wrong I was. It’s an intricate masterpiece. A reflective personification of the crashing of waves, splitting of timber, and icy suspense that grips you from the moment you hear the haunting choir at the film’s opening.

James Horner was a genius. No, truly. Forget about Isaac Newton; all that daft bastard had to do was get battered by an apple. What Horner accomplished with Titanic, and in fact all of his work, is utter perfection. A great score makes a great film, and it takes a great man to make a great score. It’s a terrible shame that the powers that be took him from this world so suddenly. I can now verify that the only way to listen to his tremendous work is to hear it played live.

And the beauty is that you can expect to see so many more pictures brought to life through music at the Royal Albert Hall very soon. From Spielberg’s Jaws, to the iconic Imperial March of Star Wars there is something for everyone. And if I have any say in it, I will be sat at every one. With two beers. In my swivel chair.

It’s just a shame the Titanic didn’t have the same turning circle.

Cheers, Mr Horner. Cheers.

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