As with most things – dating, procrastinating, the ease of takeaways – this brand new concept The Internet is both a HUGE positive and QUITE A BIT OF A negative for “new music”. The positive? Loads and loads and loads of new music. Jukeboxes full; more than John Peel could have ever dreamt of. Written the next Single Ladies or Jerusalem? Stick it on Soundcloud! The negative? As with those restaurant menus that are only one paper size smaller than a motorway billboard, too much choice isn’t always a good thing.

If you’re a FOMO sufferer expect to bid adieu to rest, as you search for the next star and plan to remind your friends how you heard them first with your new music brag. If, however, you prefer the thought of a Jim Royle staycation than an Indiana Jones adventure, you might prefer the new music blag (hint: it works great as a hashtag). We’ll introduce you to a new artist every week, and you’re quite welcome to take the credit. Oh, and as it’s week 1 we’re going to give you one a day …You’re welcome.

Who? This four-piece (Alex: Vocals, Louis & Sam: Guitar, Chappell: Bass) create bite-size pieces of rock ‘n’ roll with hints of punk-pop… But not the shit, ‘you should have retired years ago’ sort. After meeting in Southampton, a band of brothers soon formed, doing it the home-grown way. According to an interview (not with us…), they’ve been described as ‘everything that’s wrong with art’, which in itself sounds pretty arty.

What to say: “They sort of sound like a pop-punk band and a grunge band trying to outdo each other, playing the same song.”

The maths: Brawlers + My Chemical Romance

The releases: An EP, Tu Me Manques, came out in 2014, but to hear how they sound now there are a fair few singles/‘tracks’ available.

The socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram

Live: On a recent opening slot for Blondie at the Roundhouse in Camden, Dead! soon had old-time punks nodding their heads like a condesending dog in a car insurance ad. As with most bands whose recordings have an edge, it can take hearing the tracks live to really get your head around them. Enough, Enough, Enough suddenly becomes a Placebo-like track to shout back, while Something More Original has the sort of driving melody that makes you want to get a car, get the windows down, get the song on repeat, get some miles on the clock, get yourself to a service station, get a quad-shot coffee, get driving a bit more, and then at some point wonder where you are and why.

See them yourself: They’re on tour and at festivals across the UK this summer on a tour which appears to be called, Summer ’17.

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