KT Tunstall – The Barbican, London – 22.06.17

Imagine how.
Imagine how weird.
Imagine how weird it.
Imagine how weird it would.
Imagine how weird it would be –

– if all of our sentences were built up bit by bit like that – kind of annoying, even, right?

Now imagine that KT Tunstall does it, but instead of with words, with her songs; instead of with a word processor, with a loop-pedal; and instead of it being annoying, it being EVERYTHING.

Well, not everything. She does have a drum machine called Pete, to be fair.

Tunstall brilliantly weaves a kid’s toy-box of instruments (including a kazoo, a tambourine she kicks, and hitting her guitar like it’s an expensive gift a 4 year old doesn’t appreciate) to breathe fresh air and loops into songs that have now become teenagers, as well as getting across the best bits of the new songs with Pete. Thanks Pete.

Just like a rollercoaster where you can see what’s coming, but you get the butterflies anyway, I watched with absolute joy as she built each song up and I figured out which one it was way quicker than the guy next to me (sorry, Dan). She knew it too, as she restarted some loops to be a perfectionist, like an ultimate cock-tease. Eventually though, I got the climax I wanted with Suddenly I See – a song that is always good to finish to…

Perhaps for those of you looking for a quickie, see her with her band (the human ones, not Pete) for some instant gratification; otherwise, it’s perfect. Her and I have done both ways together now – both times were great, and I didn’t even mind the crowd watching.

Oh, and she mashed up one of her songs with Walk Like an Egyptian. Knew I should have worn my bangles.

Altogether absolutely brilliant.
brilliantly together.

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