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British Summer Time has become as much a staple to the calendar as British summertime itself. Over the last few years, HUGE acts have taken to the Great Oak stage as day festivals are held in Hyde Park, with other similarly genre’d acts appearing on the bill, appealing to fans across the spectrum.

The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, The Strokes and Kylie Minogue have brought their hits to Hyde Park in the past, and this year that list of legends continues, with The Killers, Justin Bieber, Green Day, Phil Collins, Kings Of Leon and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers headlining. If Carlsberg made festivals and all that…

Further down the line, however, there are STILL legendary acts, and many who could headline themselves. Which got me thinking – how would the rest of the line up look as a festival itself? Well I can show you.

Thanks to an iPhone basically being a Mac now, I popped onto Pages and used every bit of artistic talent I have to make that very line up. Have a look:

I’m joking of course, and am well aware I’ve made it look like one of those shit festivals where a couple of Blazin’ Squad and Lolly headline, but ignore the fonts, look at that line up and try telling me you wouldn’t pay good money for that! Organisers, it’s time to find a site.

In the mean time, you sort of can pay good money, and you can get one of those aforementioned ledges as well, AND you can get a proper bed and a shower before and after. Maybe it’s the future. (I hasten to add, The Killers has sold out, but you can still get tickets to the others…)

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